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Podcast Host
Jason Toevs
As the founder of Revelar, Jason is an activist in promoting NFTs and crypto. His experience as a startup founder and deep desire for all gamers to come to the blockchain shows through in every episode of The NFT Gaming Podcast.
Podcast Host
Jacob Christian
As the co-founder of Revelar, Jacob brings a heart for quality content creation and blockchain adoption. His many years as a gamer and a YouTuber drive the content of founder interviews on the show, where his passion for player owned assets shows through.
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About Revelar:
Revelar is the NFT Game Engine, built on Cardano. Providing powerful cloud infrastructure for web3 gaming, Revelar is designed to sustain the future of the open economy gaming industry. With the Revelar Engine, game developers (both large and small) will be able to easily create and manage NFT assets and digital economies within their games. Revelar's mission is to empower and equip the next generation of gamers to come on-chain.

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