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A Genopet is your digital spirit animal encoded with your personality that evolves through your daily activity. Your Genopet will join you as you traverse the Genoverse. Stay active to guide the destiny of your Genopet and unlock your true potential.

In this podcast episode, we interview Ben, the co-founder of Genopets, to explore what it means to own your assets in the metaverse and how Genopets is building the future of move-to-earn gaming.

Visit Genopets: https://www.genopets.me/

Follow Genopets: https://twitter.com/genopets


The NFT Gaming Podcast features developers building the next generation of gaming: play-to-earn NFT games. In this podcast, the team from Duo interviews key contributors to the NFT gaming movement across a multitude of blockchains. Our goal is to help bring clarity to the topic of NFT gaming, build credibility for new and existing projects, and help gamers across different blockchains find new NFT games to play.

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