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Podcast Interview with Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen, Founders of Supremacy


Supremacy is a revolutionary sustainable metaverse game, where AI-controlled War Machines destroy each other in a 24/7 Battle Arena. In Supremacy, players can join factions, unlock battle mechs, and refine their strategies in real time battles. In this podcast episode, we interview Alex Dunmow, CEO, and John Nguyen, CTO, of Supremacy to discuss the future of NFTs and the integration of crypto in video games. Coming from a unique background of industrial development and blockchain integration, this team holds unique perspectives on how to build a proper NFT game.

What’s the story that led you to build a crypto game?

Alex formed Ninja Software in 2016 with John Nguyen, offering high concept software development for enterprise in Australia. With John already familiar with crypto since 2012, the two explored blockchain technology as a hobby until 2020, when Alex and John decided to create Ninja Syndicate, a studio dedicated to web3 game development. 

John’s passion for blockchain technology, and Alex’s vision for sovereign ownership of digital assets drove the ethos behind Supremacy. As the two began building the game, it became more and more clear that they had something special on their hands. This made the decision to pivot their entire development studio to work on Supremacy an easy one, as they are now working on building out an interoperable NFT metaverse for Supremacy. 

What’s the vision of Supremacy?

Everything in Supremacy revolves around the lore of their war machines. The Supremacy metaverse is set in the year 2149, when AI factions run earth. Through this story, Supremacy players experience a variety of interoperable gameplay experiences. Currently limited to only the war machine battler, the Supremacy team is working hard on bringing more games and gameplay experiences into the universe and rolling out updates at an unprecedented pace. In the span of a few months, Supremacy has gone from an AI battler, to a real time strategy game running on Unreal Engine 5.

In the future, Alex imagines a fully interoperable set of games, set within this universe, and potentially including other projects as well. Alex’s vision for sovereignty means that players should be able to use what they own, even if the original builder of that project has no intention of that use-case. This is an interesting advantage that web3 gives. 

Alex describes the vision like this: “One of the real advantages that we haven’t taken advantage of yet, is taking other games, especially the many projects that have been rug pulls, and taking their NFTs and doing something around that, like offering their players some kind of cool experience by bringing their NFTs in.”

What are some of the things you’ve learned about game development? 

Building a triple A game is not a trivial task. As Alex and John have learned, it takes many unique components working together to be successful. This complexity can often be compounded by blockchain technology and the immudibility of NFTs. 

At Ninja Syndicate, Alex and John have full teams building various parts of the game, from Unreal Engine devs, to game designers and story developers, their team works to build a cohesive universe. Alex stresses the importance of playtesting your game mechanics before releasing them, while John emphasizes the importance of music and sound effects in bringing the game to life. 

Alex had this to say about game development in web3: “There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a good game, that I think a lot of people in this space underestimate.”

What do you believe about the future of blockchain technology? 

Being very early in blockchain, Alex and John have seen the technology grow from the early days. While the immutability and interoperability of blockchain technology are a huge advantage, developing on chain is not without its challenges. John talks about the early days of working on blockchain, the messy development of systems, and the occasional orphan block, shutting down the whole system. 

While both Alex and John see vast improvements since then, and they believe the future of blockchain is bright, they know it’s not quite ready for mainstream adoption yet. However, this makes their work even more prudent as further development is imperative to the success of the technology. 

In John’s words, “The world’s not super ready for blockchain tech right now. It seems robust, it seems solid, and it is in what we call an eventually consistent way, where over time it makes sense. But it was scary in the early days.”

Learn more about Supremacy: https://supremacy.game/

Follow Supremacy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SupremacyMeta

Join their Discord: https://discord.com/invite/supremacygame


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